Following the 110th birthday celebration for the City of Weyburn on Friday, Mayor Marcel Roy declared September 8th through 15th as Welcome Week in Weyburn.
"Our city's success depends on ensuring that all residents of Weyburn feel welcome here. Today, new residents of Weyburn are a vital part of our community, bringing fresh perspectives and new ideas, starting businesses, and contributing to the vibrant diversity. that we all value," he shared.

"This week, we honour the spirit of unity that brings neighbors together across Canada during Welcome Week. I invite all residents of Weyburn to join this movement of communities nationwide and worldwide by renewing our commitment to our core values and taking in the spirit of Welcome Week."

"By working together, we can achieve greater prosperity and make Weyburn the kind of place where diverse people from around the world feel valued and want to put down roots, regardless of where we are born or what we look like. We are residents united in our efforts to build a stronger Weyburn by recognizing the contributions that we all make to create a vibrant culture and growing economy. We make our community more prosperous and more inclusive to all those who call it home," he continued.

"Let us come together to build communities wherever every resident has the opportunity to contribute at the best. Let us come together to create more prosperous communities and to reaffirm that Weyburn is a welcoming community. I call upon the people of Weyburn to join together to build a stronger community across our city. Therefore, I, Marcel Roy, Mayor, City of Weyburn, do hereby proclaim the week of September 8th, 2023, to be Welcome Week in the City of Weyburn." 

Laura Eddy, Settlement Advisor with Southeast Newcomer Services, said it's very important to have our newcomers and our residents of Weyburn come together.

"I mean, meet your neighbor, right? It's very important that we make every newcomer feel welcome in our city. All they want is to just belong to a Canadian city,and meet people," she shared. 

"They do great things for our city and our community, so it's very important that we acknowledge that we do welcome them and Weyburn has done a fantastic job with welcoming our people from Ukraine, people from India. They're very kind. We're a very kind city." 

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