This summers hot temperatures may have had an impact on the growing maple bug population.

Infestations have been reported all over Weyburn and can be difficult to get rid of.

"The main reason that they're a pest is that, on occasion, their excrement can stain carpeting, but mostly they're just annoying, and people don't like them because they fly around their houses," said Sean Prager, assistant professor with the University of Saskatchewan and a entomologist.

There has been a rise of maple bug reports in the last few months, which Prager thinks may be related to the temperature.

"It may be that the temperature itself is just causing them to cluster more, but also temperature can influence the rate at which insects develop so you can sometimes get more insects if you have a greater temperature," said Prager.

In extreme cases infestations can be dealt with using insecticide, but it is not recommended unless the problem is severe.