This has been Engineering and Geosciences week in Saskatchewan, and it has also been the two year anniversary for Engineering Director with the City of Weyburn, Jennifer Wilkinson.

We caught up with her about her life since we first connected in 2020 - read more HERE.

Like so many who go into the field of Engineering, Wilkinson said she had a natural aptitude for maths and sciences, and it was reinforced with an opportunity when she was still in high school.

"I actually attended an engineering information session at the University of Saskatchewan," shared Wilkinson. "It was led by students so that you could kind of see really what they were doing and where they were going to go with their engineering career. I was able to understand exactly what engineering was and decide that was the career path for me."

"A lot of engineers, myself included, really like to design things out and you like to think through that problem, so I think engineers get creative in the way they have to come up with solutions and the way they have to think through things to analyze the problem and then say, 'how are we going fix that problem?'"

"I like to tackle a challenge and I like to think through the steps to get to that angle and solve the problem."

Wilkinson said she also prefers the 'black and white', with clear answers, which is why math being an exact science is so satisfying to the engineering mind.

"I like really being organized and those step through process to get to the end, and I think that's why it fits well for me at the City, because a lot of it is the organization and the stepping through the process is to make sure we can get that end result that works."

Also a common trait of would-be engineers is the play and care of LEGO bricks and sets.

"I always had LEGO growing up. I was one of those people too that spent a lot of time organizing more than anything. I love to set things up and organize it, and I may not necessarily play it, I like to more set it up and organize it."

She said her kids also love LEGO sets, but they'd be just as happy with a bucket of bricks with which to build anything they want to build. 

While childhood is for discovering through play one's proficiencies and aptitudes to see what paths lay ahead, if you've got an engineer growing up in your home, they just might be building - or deconstructing - this very weekend.