The 2023 Firearm Amnesty Program is set to begin on March 20th. The annual program is sponsored by the Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police (SACP) and those taking part include Saskatchewan municipal police services, Saskatchewan RCMP and the Ministry of Environment.

The program offers a proactive approach to the issue of gun violence in Saskatchewan, by safely collecting and disposing of unwanted firearms that may otherwise fall into the hands of criminals.

Between March 20th and April 9th, 2023, residents can contact the Weyburn Police Service, their nearest Saskatchewan RCMP Detachment, or Conservation office to arrange to relinquish their unwanted firearms, replica firearms and/or ammunition.

A press release from the Saskatchewan RCMP explained, "An example of an unwanted firearm would be a firearm inherited as part of an estate, but no longer wanted by the surviving relative. The Amnesty also extends to replica or imitation firearms, and any unwanted ammunition or parts of firearms." 

Residents should pre-arrange the firearm surrender with police officers and/or conservation officers, who will attend their residence to pick up the unwanted firearms.

The press release advised that, "Members of the public must not transport firearms to municipal services, detachments or conservation offices. Improper transportation of firearms presents a safety risk and can result in potential criminal implications."

During the Firearm Amnesty period, police will not pursue any charges in relation to the unauthorized possession of firearms surrendered as part of this initiative.

The press release stated that, "Surrendered firearms will be checked by police to determine if they are involved in any ongoing investigations. Firearms will then be destroyed."

Those interested in surrendering their unwanted firearms can contact the Weyburn Police Service at 306-848-3250, the Weyburn RCMP at 306-848-4640, or Saskatchewan Conservation Officers at 306-848-2344 to make arrangements. 

Ensure that the keys to the storage unit are easily available and police advised residents to not try and unload the firearm(s) themselves.