A meeting was held at the Fillmore Recreation Centre on January 18th, to reboot the Fillmore minor sports board; the board has been relatively dormant for a few years. 

Amber Keller, a community member from the village of Fillmore, got the ball rolling, and she said they now have a board, although she is not a part of it this year due to other commitments, including being a part of several other local boards.

Keller explained that, "Fillmore minor sports, to me, has always been about bringing the community together and teaching our children respect, sportsmanship, and what it means to be a part of a team and active in your own community." 

She explained that committees and boards ebb and flow, and that the Fillmore minor sports board was heavy into hockey and baseball for several years, but with the increased focus on minor hockey, she said families began taking their kids to other towns where they felt their kids would be offered more. 

"Those families, understandably, left the board. And minor sports in Fillmore declined steadily. It now seems there are many young families in our community once again and those children need something to do." 

She said that the meetings take place every other month, beginning with an AGM in November and wrapping up in June, unless there is further interest for summer sports. As well, anyone can be a part of the board.

"Having our minor sports board going again will bring the entire community together," Keller noted, "Offering a little something for everyone. The seniors would have something to go watch, the kids something to do."

All that is needed to make that happen, she shared, is active, willing and supportive adults. She said that she would love nothing more than to have the ball diamonds and recreation centre buzzing with activities once again.

She hopes to see baseball and soccer offered this spring, archery in the summer or fall, and hockey in the winter. "We have this nice new ice surface after all," she said, "Why not use it?"

Keller added that Fillmore resident Dane Treble is the board chair for this year; he grew up in Fillmore, having played hockey with Fillmore minor sports.

The next meeting will be held on March 7th at 7:00 p.m., at the Fillmore Recreation Centre.