With the Weyburn Youth Centre recently having to cancel their banquet and fundraiser, they had to find a way to raise funds with all the items they received for their silent auction.

Board member at large, Susan Adderley, said they'll hold an online event tomorrow to help meet their $35,000 goal.

"It's not live, but it's on Facebook, so people have to go into the Weyburn Youth Centre Online Auction event on Facebook, and it'll begin at 9:00 a.m. and they'll go to 9:00 p.m. all day Saturday."

The WYC, for the past year, has only been open on Friday nights.

"We see up to like 10-15 youths, sometimes 20, come in and out throughout the night, so we're very encouraged that the kids are still using the center and we just love to have them come," she shared.

While the board has not yet officially hired someone to take over the Executive Director Position, Adderley said they have a reliable board.

"We have our faithful members that come out to volunteer," she noted "As long as we have the volunteers and the support of the community we will keep the doors open," she declared.

As for activites, there's plenty to do at TAGS.

"We actually just had someone donate a pickleball game and we still have our hockey equipment up there, we're going to be putting a new basketball nets outside, we have a new donation of a an old asteroid game which has been really popular with the kids," she shared. "And yeah, it's just fun to see them come in and just have a great like a safe evening."

She added the WYC / TAGS is there for kids to have a space free of bullying, drugs, or alcohol.

Find the online auction HERE.