CN Rail has seen solid grain movement over the last couple of weeks. 

CN's Assistant Vice-President of Grain David Przednowek says they've moved over 525 thousand tonnes of grain per week.

"We expect that demand is going to remain quite steady here into early April, then we'll see what the market brings us. What the impact of starting to shift gears and think about spring seeding will do as well as the impact of road bands."

He notes the snowstorm earlier this month caused some challenges as it hit along CN's main line with the hardest area  being around Saskatoon and up to the Battlefords.

Overall, the month of March did see some challenges for the railway from the snow to getting through the last mile into the Port of Vancouver.

Przednowek says despite that they've seen some good movement adding they have already started to see demand open up for Thunder Bay with the first lakers expected to start moving around the 25th of March.