The thunderstorm outlook from Environment Canada for Wednesday shows that there is a good chance of some storm activity in southeast Saskatchewan. The outlook shows a high chance of thunderstorms south of Highway 39 and a moderate chance of thunderstorms north of Highway 39.  

The ECCC Thunderstorm outlook for May 24The thunderstorm outlook from Environment and Climate Change Canada for May 24, 2023.

With the possibility of thunderstorms, some reminders from Environment Canada’s Terri Lang. 

“The rule of thumb is when thunder roars, go indoors,” Lang cautioned. “That means if you can see lightning or hear thunder, get indoors. Lightning can travel a fair distance away from a thundercloud so you are at risk anytime you can see lightning or hear thunder.” 

By getting indoors, Lang suggested a sturdy building with doors and windows, or into a car or other vehicle. Then, stay indoors for 30 minutes after the final rumble of thunder as sometimes there can be a bolt of lightning out of the blue.  

Another concern with thunderstorms is strong winds, and possibly tornadoes. If those are present, the safety is the same for both – get into the house, to the lowest possible level and away from any windows and doors.  

As for the current thunderstorm risk, the possibility of a storm is carrying over into Thursday. Lang explained that while there is a chance of storms Wednesday, Thursday is looking as the more likely time they will hit. 

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