As Weyburn experienced heavy rainfall earlier this week, many basements in the city flooded. 

This has caused Weyburn’s Mega Dry Disaster Restoration to be quite busy. 

“We’ve had almost 100 claims come through the door and more keep coming in,” said Mega Dry Disaster Restoration owner, Ryan Skjerdal. “We’re doing our best to get to everyone right now.” 

Weyburn had around 95 millimetres of rain between Monday evening and Tuesday morning this week.    

“It's been all over the place, businesses, residential houses, that the sewers backed up and we've had places that waters came in from outside.” 

Skjerdal said there are preventative measures people can take to help prevent their homes from flooding. One of the most common issues he has encountered are sump pumps that aren’t operational.  

“There are some places that don't have any sump pumps, and that was that was one of the causes,” said Skjerdal. “One of the biggest things we've seen is a lot of houses or sump pumps are pumping into the sewer, and that actually puts such a load on the Weyburn sewer system and that causes the whole sewer system overload and then back up to everyone houses.”   

For anyone dealing with flooding in their home, Skjerdal recommends reaching out for an assessment and contacting their insurance company. 

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