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The RM of Lomond, situated between Weyburn, Midale, Oungre and Radville, will see less development this year than it did in 2013 and other recent years.

Kevin Melle, administrator, has worked at the rural municipality for 25 years and said the number of permit requests to drill oil wells in Lomond is down this past year.

"If you wanted to go from high to low, our high of oil wells in the municipality drilled were probably in 2008 and 2009 was 120 wells per year. Last year was 18. So definitely down from the high but we will pretty consistently do about 60 wells," said Melle. He added that, historically, Lomond does not see the same ups and down as some other municipalities.

There are no major road projects planned for the RM in 2015. A few bridges and other infrastructure projects were completed last year with a grant from the province.

Experiencing a less drastic slow down in the number of oil wells drilled is the RM of Tecumseh, which surrounds Stoughton, though things have still slowed. The RM council is still getting permit requests at every council meeting, according to Reeve Zandra Slater, the number of them is simply down. She expects things to pick up after spring break-up at the earliest.

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