oil story 23

The Weyburn Chamber of Commerce is hosting its oilfield production education conference tomorrow. The one day event is designed to provide participants with an insight in to the oil patch in our area. The presenter will be Matt Cugnet, a geologist with extensive background in the field of oil production.

"He talks about the geology, how the oil got there; how much is there. how we get it out. what the processes are that are happening all around us. we see service rigs going out all the time. we want to make sure that everybody understands what that kind of work is. and just a little bit about the industry itself as well," Chamber of Commerce general manager Jeff Richards explained.

While the focus will primarily be on the industry here in the southeast, the discussion will also cover other topics of industry. There is a broad swipe at the industry across the world, and how the different things are affected. A look at the differences between heavy oil, light sweet crude, and oil from California. The conference helps to provide an understanding of not only the work that happens in the field, but also the history and future of the industry as well.

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