Residents from south-east and west-central Saskatchewan will benefit from the installation of new air-monitoring equipment thanks to federal funding announced today by Ray Boughen, Member of Parliament for Palliser, on behalf of the Honourable Lynne Yelich, Minister of State for Western Economic Diversification. "Our Government is working with industry to manage resource development in a responsible manner," said MP Boughen. "This project ensures the continued good health and wellbeing of Canadians, while industrial activity creates jobs and economic prosperity."

The south-east and west-central regions are home to the province's booming oil and gas sector, as well as power generation and vibrant agricultural activities. Two independent, non-profit organizations responsible for self-monitoring air quality in these areas have partnered with WD to install eight airpointers to continuously monitor-in real time-common pollutants associated with these industries. The data collected by the airpointers provide early indicators that enable emitters to respond and resolve problems before public health issues emerge.

WD's $400,000 investment is being matched by the Southeast Saskatchewan Airshed Association (SESAA) and the Western Yellowhead Air Management Zone (WYAMZ). The two associations offer members a cost-effective method of reducing their air-quality monitoring costs, which means these businesses can focus on revenue-generating activities.Through this project, the Harper Government is improving the competitive position of small independent businesses, which create high-value jobs.

"SESAA and WYAMZ are very grateful to WD for this support," said Darlene Sakires, secretary of the SESAA Board of Directors. "We will be able to monitor the air quality in south-east and west-central Saskatchewan much better. This really helps us put an excellent continuous monitoring program in place much sooner than we had expected. This is good for the health of the environment and for industry."

Installation of the first four airpointers will be completed by July 2013 with public data available at www.sesaa.ca.

SESAA and WYAMZ operate as independent, collaborative non-profit organizations of industry, environmental representatives and government to collect credible, continuous air quality data, and to communicate data and information to the public.

Since 2006, the Harper Government, through WD, has invested in job-creating small and medium-sized businesses, aerospace, marine and defence industries, and supported innovative entrepreneurs in pursuing emerging markets. By continuing to promote new economic opportunities, WD is helping to create jobs, economic growth, and long-term prosperity.
Source: Marketwire

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