Enbridge will construct a new 96 km crude oil pipeline in Alberta, Canada, and has launched an open season through its subsidiaries for its Bakken Expansion Programme, which will include the construction of approximately 266 km of crude oil pipeline in Canada and the USA.

Enbridge has entered into an agreement with Suncor Energy to construct the 95 km, 30 inch diameter Wood Buffalo Pipeline in Alberta.

The pipeline will connect Enbridge’s Athabasca Terminal – situated adjacent to Suncor’s oil sands plant – to the Cheecham Terminal, the origin point of Enbridge's Waupisoo Pipeline, which delivers crude oil from several oil sands projects to the Edmonton mainline hub.

The new pipeline will parallel Enbridge's existing Athabasca Pipeline between the Athabasca and Cheecham terminals.

An application has been filed with the Alberta Energy Resources and Conservation Board and pending regulatory approval, the new line is expected to be in service by mid-2013.

Bakken Expansion Programme

Enbridge has launched a binding open season to solicit additional shipper interest in the Bakken Expansion Programme – a series of projects to expand crude oil pipeline capacity in North Dakota, USA, and Saskatchewan, Canada, to meet the crude oil transportation needs of Williston Basin producers.

In North Dakota Enbridge has proposed the Beaver Lodge Loop Project, which will involve the construction of a 12 or 16 inch diameter looping pipeline along the existing Enbridge North Dakota System from the existing Beaver Lodge Station near Tioga to Berthold. The looping pipeline is expected to increase the capacity along the 72 km segment to approximately 315,000 bbl/d of oil. Tankage and new pump stations will also be constructed and the pipeline project will be undertaken by Enbridge Pipelines (North Dakota) LLC a subsidiary of Enbridge Energy Partners. The project is expected to be completed by the first quarter 2013.

The SORTI and Dunn projects will consist of the construction of a new 8 or 10 inch gathering pipeline system to expand the Enbridge North Dakota System, starting approximately 72 km south of its Beaver Lodge Station. The project also consists of two new stations and the associated work to prepare for two new truck facilities. One new station will be located near Keene, North Dakota, and the second, Croff Station, will be located near the Dunn/McKenzie County border.

The proposed expansion of  Line 26/EX-02, including added facilities in North Dakota, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, will include an expansion of the US portion of the Portal Link (Line 26) by EEP, and the construction of two new pumping stations and enhancements of the pipeline north of Berthold.

The Canadian portion of the Portal Link (Line EX-02) will be extended with the construction of a new 121 km, 16 inch diameter pipeline from Steelman, Saskatchewan, to the Enbridge terminal at Cromer, Manitoba.

The pipeline extension is expected to be in-service by the first quarter of 2013.

When completed, the combined projects will provide another 145,000 bbl/d of incremental pipeline capacity from new receipt locations in the Bakken and Three Forks formations in North Dakota to interconnections with other existing Enbridge systems serving a broad number of refineries in North America.

The binding open season began 26 August 26 2010, and closes 29 October 2010.


Source: Pipelines International


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