More than 2,050 individuals representing 40 states, 6 Canadian provinces and 3 countries are registered to attend the 18th annual Williston Basin Petroleum Conference and Expo in Bismarck May 2-4.


“The conference is shaping up to be the biggest oil event north of Houston,” said Ron Ness, president of the North Dakota Petroleum Council. “North Dakota’s oil industry is attracting interest throughout the region, nation and world because of production and interest in the Bakken formation.”


The conference will highlight the latest developments in the oil industry. Featured topics for the conference include:


- Keynote presentation by Marathon Oil Company CEO Clarence Cazalot. He’ll provide an overview of supply and demand; developing energy security based on efficiency/conservation, diversity of supply, and technology; and discuss the need for a long-term commitment from all energy sectors to help secure our energy future.


- Technological breakthroughs including innovative new drilling and oil recovery techniques being developed in the Bakken that have industry-wide implications, including new eco multi-well drilling pads, walking drilling rigs and fracturing techniques.


- Discussions about how the Bakken oil production continues to expand and finding new energy markets for high-quality Bakken oil, along with talks on oil and gas pipelines and rail facilities.


- The launch of a new oil field safety campaign led by the ND Petroleum Council’s “Oil Can!” program focusing on stewardship, education and outreach.

There will also be more than 300 indoor and outdoor exhibits. Outdoor exhibits are open to the public and will include oil field equipment such as work-over rigs, pumping units, tankers, wireline trucks, tank batteries, production facility buildings and mobile oilfield housing. The event will be one of the largest events in Bismarck this year.

The Bakken formation is where oil producing rock is sandwiched between layers of shale nearly two miles beneath the ground in western North Dakota and parts of Montana and Canada. The Geological Survey in 2008 called the Bakken formation the largest continuous oil accumulation it has ever assessed, at 4.3 billion barrels.


The North Dakota Petroleum Council, the North Dakota Department of Mineral Resources and the Saskatchewan Ministry of Energy and Resources are hosting the conference and expo, which was first held in 1993. Additional information and registration details are available on the North Dakota Petroleum Council website at http://www.ndoil.org

  Source:  prairiebizmag.com

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