Let's talk about trains. Anyone who has lived in Weyburn for any amount of time has noticed one thing...there's a lot of trains. And, from time to time, it can back up traffic.

We've all be in those situations. You are sitting at a stop sign downtown and the lane you need is already full of traffic. You can't keep going. So what do you do in this situation? In the few years I've been in Weyburn I have asked many long term residents what the options are. Can I stay at the stop sign? Do I have to circle around the block until traffic can move? Everyone seems to have a difference of opinion on it. So I decided to go to the people who would know what the rules are; the City Police.

"The only law that applies to impeding traffic would be related to those incidents where someone is intentionally impeding the free movement of traffic," said Deputy Chief of Police Rod Stafford. "You can not block an intersection. So, those vehicles that are stopped need to stop both after and prior to the intersection--not in the intersection."

So, if the lanes are blocked, it is actually illegal for you to "creep" in there and block a lane of free moving traffic. But what about those who are at a stop sign and can't continue in their lane?

"I know exactly the situation you are describing," said Stafford. "If the lane is full on the south side of Railway, between Railway and the tracks, the only place for other vehicles intending to travel south would be to stop in traffic on the north side of Railway Avenue. This, in effect, prevents any other southbound (or whichever direction is applicable) vehicle from turning left. In these cases, as with any other reason the roadway is blocked, a driver would be free to use the right turn lane and attempt to circumvent the stoppage. If this is not possible then, unfortunately, it is a matter of waiting until the blockage clears and traffic is allowed to move again."

THE BOTTOM LINE: Yes, you can stay at the stop sign. You aren't blocking traffic, the train is. But don't enter the intersection until you can clear it. If you are behind someone at the stop sign, you can do your best to go around them using the right lane or wait until the line clears.

Happy train waiting everyone!!!

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