12:45: The results are in and we are seeing some changes in our city council. The six councillors, pending official results tomorrow morning, will be Jeff Richards with 2538 votes, Jeff Chessall with 2330 votes, Mel Van Betuw with 2029, Winston Bailey with 1992 votes, Brad Wheeler with 1814 votes and Dick Michel with 1771 votes. Richards, Chessall and Wheeler are newcomers to council while Van Betuw, Bailey and Michel are incumbents. Other incumbents, Nancy Styles and Laura Morrissette, fell short of the top six with 1701 votes and 1466 respectively. Additionally, Melanie Sorensen and Warren Betker are the two nominees to take the school board race, with 1708 and 1829 votes respectively. In addition, we have a new mayor in Marcel Roy, who beat out Debra Button with 57% of the vote. 

Tune in tomorrow morning for reaction from the candidates and the public. 

12:22: We are still waiting on results from one more zone. As it stands currently, Marcel Roy is the new mayor of Weyburn. Warren Betker and Melanie Sorensen are in the lead for the two school board positions and Jeff Richards, Jeff Chessall, Winston Bailey, Mel Van Betuw, Brad Wheeler and Dick Michel are in the lead for the six councillor positions.

12:00: With one zone left to come in we have some more school board results. Warren Betker and Melanie Sorensen are in the lead for the two school board seats with 753 and 721 votes respectively.  One zone is left to report on council votes and school board.

11:56: Continuing the school board reults, Warren Betker is in the lead for one of the two seats with 753 votes. Melanie Sorensen has 721 votes for the second seat. Bruce Wagner has 602 and Brandon Tichkowsky has 251 votes. 

11:40: Results coming in from Zone 3 now. The six nominees in the lead for council positions are Jeff Richards with 1760 votes, Jeff Chessall with 1631, Winston Bailey with 1375, Mel Van Betuw with 1344, Brad Wheeler with 1276 and Dick Michel with 1209. There's one station left to report in.

11:35: Zone 2 has reported in and some changes have been made to the top six. Jeff Richards is still in the lead with 1182 votes, followed closely by Jeff Chessall with 1114. Incumbents Winston Bailey and Mel Van Betuw are still holding a seat with 928 and 916 votes respectively and newcomer Brad Wheeler has moved into the top six with 839 votes. 

11:13: Some school board results. After results from Zone 4, Advanced and Special polls, Melanie Sorensen and Warren Betker are in the lead for the two school board positions with 355 and 353 votes respectively. Bruce Wagner has 289 votes and Brandon Tichkowsky has 129 with three zones left. 

10:53:  The results have come in for zone four. The six nominees in the lead for councillor positions have not changed, although their totals and order have. Jeff Richards still leads with 575 votes, Jeff Chessall sits at 509, Dick Michel now has 432, Nancy Styles has 418, Winston Bailey has 416 and Mel Van Betuw has 413. Totals are still expected from the three remaining zones. Michel, Styles, Bailey and Van Betuw are all incumbents. The only incumbent not currently in the top six is Laura Morrissette, who currently has 354 votes.

10:48: The advanced poll results are in for the councillor positions. As it stands right now Jeff Richards leads the race for six seats with 334 total votes. Jeff Chessall currently has 317, Nancy Styles has 282, Winston Bailey follows with 281, Dick Michel has 278 and Mel Van Betuw has 265. These results are after advanced and special polls with all four zones yet to come in.

10:05: Results are starting to come in for the School Board. Melanie Sorenson is leading in the advanced votes with 157 votes. Warren Betker follows closely behind with 155, Bruce Wagner has 133 and Brandon Tichkowsky has 42 votes.

9:45: Paige K. is at the Canalta where Marcel Roy is celebrating his new position as mayor of Weyburn. We will work to bring you his initial reaction tonight. There's no changes so far in the council race. We'll update as results become available.

9:30: Weyburn has a new Mayor. Marcel Roy has pulled off the victory with 2374 votes as opposed to Debra Buttons 1766. That gives him the race with 57.34% of the votes. We will have reaction from both Marcel Roy and Debra Button tomorrow morning.

9:25: Zone 3 now reporting for the mayoral race, adding 545 votes for Marcel Roy and 389 for Debra Button. With one zone left, Roy now leads 1607 votes to Buttons 1224.

9:20: Zone two has reported on the mayoral race, adding 539 votes for Marcel Roy and 420 for Debra Button. Marcel now leads 1062 to Mayor Debra Buttons 835. That gives Roy 55.98% of the votes to Buttons 44.02% with two zones left to report.

9:06: Results have begun coming in for the South Hill Region. Marcel Roy is leading the mayoral race with 54% of the vote, 271 votes to Debra Buttons 227. In the council race, Nancy Styles (61 votes), Winston Bailey(56 votes), Dick Michel (52 votes),  Jeff Chessall (48 votes), Mel Van Betuw (48 votes) and Jeff Richards (43 votes) are leading, in that order. There is no update as of yet for the school board.

8:55: Results are still delayed. In Estevan, Roy Ludwig has been re-elected as Mayor. Swift Current has declared Denis Perrault as Mayor.  We'll bring you Weyburn results as they become available.

8:35: Results appear to be delayed. We will bring you updates as they become available. Regina has declared Michael Fougere Mayor for another term. However, Elections Regina has reset their online votes to zero has reporting issues have come up.

8:10: Votes will be coming in for a Mayor, six councillors and two school board members.  The two candidates in the Seperate School Division, Jerome Sidloski and Bruno Tuchscher, won by acclamation.

8:00: Polls are now closed. Results expected to begin shortly. 

Polls in the Weyburn Municipal Election close in just a few moments, 8:00 p.m.

Throughout the night, Discover Weyburn will be working to bring you updates on the mayoral, council and school board results. 

You can also follow the results on the City of Weyburn website, DiscoverWeybun Twitter and on AM1190, Magic 103 and K106.

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