The Weyburn Police Service received a report of a Hit and Run collision last Wednesday. 

Police say the incident occurred on 5th Avenue northeast sometime during the overnight hours. Vehicle debris was seized at the scene. 

Through investigation, Police were able to locate the suspect vehicle in Griffin which had significant damage.   

“I'm going to credit Constable (Kalin) Wiebe for this investigation, he did a fantastic job,” said Weyburn Police Chief Jamie Blunden. “He went to the scene of an accident where there's some property and some vehicle parts left at the scene. There's enough damage on that vehicle that whoever was driving would have known they were in an accident. They did strike the rear of a semi-tractor.”   

Blunden said Wiebe was able to track down what type of vehicle it was through many great investigation techniques.  

“He went through a whole file of cars that would have fit the similar description and located a few that were within our area, and he tracked those down and was able to locate the suspect vehicle. At that point, he interviewed the owner who admitted to striking something not thinking there was that much damage, but ultimately, that front end is almost totally written off.” 

An 80-year-old man was charged with Failing to Report an Accident to the Property Owner.