Nothing beats the sight of a blooming garden or a yard bursting with colourful flowers; that sight says summer. However, nothing is more unsightly than browned and wilted plants, that’s why we called upon the experts that care for the rows of flourishing plants in their greenhouses. 

Janice Parody is the owner of Big Muddy Greenhouse in the Big Muddy; she has been bringing her beautiful displays of plants, baskets, and vegetables to Weyburn and Radville for years. This year she has a permanent greenhouse location set up in Radville filled to the brink with everything to beautify your yard and the knowledge to keep them blooming all season long, one of the perks of shopping local says Parody, “That’s kind of what we specialize in, being a small business as I am, it’s one-on-one. I can help you pick your colors and give you some ideas.” 

If you wander through a greenhouse and feel overwhelmed, Parody has a few things you can look for, “Look for all the kinds of basket stuffers, Proven Winners, the grasses; everyone loves the ornamental grasses.”  

This year everyone is once again gravitating toward plants called succulents says Parody, “Everybody loves succulents, I’ve got such a wide variety and they are very unique. They are really easy to grow.” 

Once you purchase your florals, one tip Parody suggests is to remember to fertilize often explains Parody, “Always fertilize, I suggest fertilizing every time you water, one teaspoon per gallon is the best, just do a slow small amount every time you water especially for the heavy feeders like petunias.” 

As you plan to fill your home, yard, and campsite with potted plants and perennials a few words of caution on the timing of potting your plants and leaving them outdoors. Parody has more, “Well Saskatchewan weather is always a gamble; our long-term looks promising. I’ve already started putting a few things out, things like petunias they will take some frost, just stay away from some of the touchier items like potato vine, marigolds, and tomatoes. Definitely don’t put those out yet.” 

You can find Big Muddy Greenhouse in their permanent Radville location, every day of the week 10:00 am-7:00 pm and Sunday’s 1:00-5:00 pm. Or visit them on Facebook, Big Muddy Greenhouse.