As spring approaches, truckers in Saskatchewan are advised to monitor their loads carefully when using secondary highways. This is due to the regulation weights being imposed on all secondary highways, and the need to prevent damage to important roads in the upcoming spring.

According to Highways Minister Jeremy Cockrill, reducing the weight of loads during this time of year is crucial in protecting the road network. He emphasized the need to adjust allowable weights on different occasions throughout the year to ensure the efficient movement of goods while safeguarding highway infrastructure.

Effective at midnight next Wednesday, winter weights will be removed, and any existing winter weights will revert back to regulation weights. Spring road restrictions will also begin soon, typically lasting about six weeks and reducing allowable weights on RM roads and secondary weight provincial highways by 10 to 15 percent.

It is important to note that road bans only affect secondary-weight highways and not primary highways such as 1, 11, or 16. Truckers are advised to monitor their loads and watch for restrictions during this period to avoid any penalties or damages.

As Minister Cockrill stressed, "It's imperative we protect our road network at this time of year by reducing the weights trucks are allowed to carry."