The Weyburn Independent Riders hold a parade and toy drive every year to help the Weyburn Salvation Army ahead of the busy Christmas season. This year, however, instead of toys, they put an emphasis on food to help ensure the shelves are stocked at the food bank while they deal with ever-increasing demand.  

Nicole Strickland is the Community Ministries Coordinator with the Salvation Army in Weyburn. This was her first year working with the Weyburn Independent Riders and called the event on Saturday a success.  

“It was a great weekend,” Strickland said. “We went for food this year, because it is much more in need, and it was a huge success.” 

How much of a success?  

The parade and food drive brought in 1,474 pounds of food for the shelves at the Salvation Army Food Bank.  

“It’ll take us for about a month or two,” Strickland said of the massive donation. “It will hopefully last that long.” 

The donations through the parade came when there is a high demand with the start of the school year, and before the Christmas season, when there are generally a number of events planned to help ensure the shelves can remain socked to he;lp those in need. Strickland is already looking ahead to when the snow is on the ground.  

“We have a few things planned for December, I do believe, so hopefully those will be just as successful.” 

Strickland extended a huge thank you to the community, as well as the Weyburn Independent Riders, for their support of the drive on Saturday.

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