The Weyburn Police Service joined forces with the Estevan Police Service, SGI, the RCMP, and the Combined Traffic Services last Thursday in Weyburn for a Selective Traffic Enforcement Program.

"It was a combined, two-day project with June 26th being hosted down in Estevan, and June 27th hosted here in Weyburn," said Deputy Chief Brent VanDeSype. "It's all the law enforcement agencies in Saskatchewan that are partnered with SGI, just to promote awareness and traffic safety."

Police were on the lookout for anything needing enforcement, from vehicle equipment regulations to alcohol and gaming regulations. 

In just a few hours, 48 tickets were issued, along with approximately 75 warnings, and just one three-day license suspension for testing positive for cannabis.

"It's a wide variety of acts and regulations that are enforced."

He said the event was fairly well received by the community, with no major incidents. However, the event was well-publicized in advance. 

"So we didn't catch too many people off guard with so many police officers from outside agencies being in the city," he noted. "If you have a program such as this, there are likely some officers that are set up in one location, but there could be officers just prior to that or just after that, so if there's a vehicle coming and does the old, 'oh, I better take last minute turn off', they may just turn into another officer."

As for the 75 warnings, VanDeSype said it's always up to the officer's discretion.

"Sometimes you may get a ticket for one thing and a warning on the other, so if someone say fails to stop at a stop sign and also is failing to wear a seat belt, maybe there's a warning for one and a ticket for the other."

VanDeSype explained that the STEP is a partnership between all the law enforcement agencies in Saskatchewan, as well as SGI. 

"So it'll be held in Moose Jaw, Prince Albert, Regina, Saskatoon, and all the varying cities. They try to pick a handful each year."

Find more information on the WPS website HERE.