Last week Weyburn Police responded to a 2-vehicle collision at the intersection of 13th Street and Souris Avenue.  

Both vehicles required towing from the scene but the occupants were uninjured. One driver was charged for driving too fast for the slippery road conditions.   

Police also responded to a 2-vehicle collision at the intersection of Highway 39 and 3rd Street.  

 Both vehicles were damaged and required towing, but no occupants were injured. One driver was charged under the Traffic Safety Act for failing to obey a traffic signal.   

“Fortunately, in both these incidents, the vehicles were towed, but the occupants were found to have no injuries or very minor injuries, if any.” Deputy Police Chief Brent VanDeSype said. 

VanDeSype has some advice to avoid accidents in the future. 

“Be alert to the traffic signals be alert to other vehicles approaching the intersection. Even if you do have the green light be defensive and be able to react in time, and of course adjust your driving habits for the weather." 

He added that if it’s slippery, you should reduce your speed and be even more prepared.