After running from police in Weyburn in the early morning hours last Wednesday, one person found themselves in custody and facing a pair of charges under the Criminal Code. 

Constable Kalin Wiebe with the Weyburn Police Service said it all started when officers on patrol saw two people walking in a back alley in the southwest part of the city. As the officers approached the pair, they ran on foot. They were able to evade the police, but then, a call came in 

A homeowner in the area reported there was a person hiding in the yard.  

“Police responded to that residence, and subsequently arrested one individual for trespassing that night, and failure to comply with the condition of their release,” Cst. Wiebe explained. “The person that was arrested was wearing the same clothing that police initially did observe, and they were connected to the initial incident where they did evade the police.” 

 The suspect is now facing an upcoming court date in connection to the charges.  

Many weeks, charges such as failing to comply with conditions of release, or failing to appear in court when ordered to do so, comprise most of the criminal charges in Weyburn. Cst. Wiebe explained things like conditions of release can vary from case to case. 

“In this particular event, the subject was bound by a condition of a curfew, and for the sake of example, a curfew could be anywhere from 10:00 p.m. til 7:00 a.m. the following morning, and to abide that curfew in their approved residence,” the officer detailed.  

Given the size of the community, police in Weyburn generally know who in the community is subject to conditions of release, and will sometimes keep an eye on things.  

"We will check to ensure that they are abiding by their curfew by attending their approved residence, and making sure they’re there, and if they are, no harm, no foul,” Cst. Wiebe said. “A lot of times, we’ll come across a person who isn’t abiding by that condition, and that was the case in this event. They were out of their approved residence during their curfew hours.” 

In all, the Weyburn Police Service responded to 71 calls for service last week, resulting in 55 charges. Of the charges, 43 were under the Criminal Code, 11 under the Traffic Safety Act, and one under the Vehicle Equipment Regulations.