The thief of a stolen car, who evaded police early last Tuesday morning, is now the subject of a forensics investigation.

Chief Jamie Blunden with the Weyburn Police Service said the Weyburn Combined Traffic Safety officer noticed the man disobey a stop sign.

"One of our members actually attempted to pull this vehicle over and he fled on him," he shared. "Some other members were able to observe the driving and the manner of driving that this individual was doing. Later on, they were able to locate the vehicle and it turned out to be a stolen vehicle."

He said they found the vehicle abandoned.

"We're doing a further follow-up with some forensic evaluation on it, to see if we can track down the individual that was responsible for the driving that he had done, and of course the stolen vehicle itself," Blunden noted. 

He said the car was originally stolen from Regina.

"Ultimately, the individual can be charged with the possession of the stolen vehicle, as well as the Criminal Code driving offenses that he did create while he was trying to evade the police," he said. "Our forensic investigator would be able to do fingerprints on the vehicle itself and we try and match that up to any of the profiles that we have on our system here and throughout Canada. So it would find some prints that would be feasible, and it would feed the machine, so to speak, and that machine would be able to spit out who the suspect would be, and, at that point, we would have an individual that we would be able to arrest on those conditions." 

Blunden expressed that "this was a total wanton disregard with respect to the safety of some of our community members here, the way he was driving." 

While the investigation continues, they intend to track down the offender and lay charges.