A high-visibility enforcement project, in partnership with SGI, was conducted by the Weyburn Police Service last weekend.

Constable Kalin Wiebe noted it was a steady flow of traffic through the checkstop. 

"Police checked 114 vehicles during the high visibility enforcement project, resulting in one driver charged with impaired driving, one driver receiving a 72-hour suspension, as well as two tickets issued under the Traffic Safety Act."

Wiebe added the suspension was for someone being determined to have a drug in their system, but not being impaired. In Saskatchewan, there is a zero-tolerance policy for having a drug in the system when behind the wheel. 

How police determine the presence of drugs is generally conducted through tests done at the roadside, Wiebe explained. One is a standard field sobriety test that can be conducted. 

"We also have the approved drug screening equipment where we collect oral fluid, and based on what's in the oral fluid, we would receive a positive or a negative result," Wiebe said.

The Weyburn Police Service conducts a number of high-visibility enforcement projects throughout the year.