The Men’s 2022 Canadian Open Sepak Takraw Championship is taking place in Regina this weekend for the first time since 2018.  

Sepak Takraw, which comes from southeast Asia, is a cross between soccer and volleyball. It is known as kick volleyball. 

Twin brothers Erickson and Eleizer Antes, who came from the Philippines in 2018, are the only players representing Weyburn at the championship.  

“It started when we were in Grade 4,” said Erickson Antes. “We used to play volleyball and then for some reason they removed volleyball in our school and replaced it with this sport. Then we got encouraged to play it. At first, we used to play it for fun, but as we grow older, we found it as a passion and we love doing it.” 

The brothers said there are several different teams this year. 

“We are teaming up with someone who lives in B.C., and one guy from Regina. The guy from Regina is the President of the Sepak Takraw Association club in Canada, his name is Richard Engel, and we are very grateful to him.” 

The brothers have had previous success with Sepak Takraw, with gold medals and a 1st place trophy earned in 2018. Moving forward, they would like to represent Team Canada at the King’s Cup in Thailand next year.