The Weyburn Paramedics with Heart is taking funds raised in the community and ensuring better care for everyone.

The local group of emergency health professionals is always working to improve and advance the critical care support that they can provide to the community. While government funding does provide for much of the equipment, our local paramedics have a greater vision. Through volunteering and fundraising, the group works to purchase more advanced equipment which enables the paramedics to deliver greater critical care during times of emergency.

“The equipment that we fundraise for is equipment that helps the paramedics' job become a lot easier while on seen, for example, we raised some money for a LUCAS device, and what that is, is a CPR machine so that actually takes the role of one of our paramedics so that they are able to give medical care in a different area,” explained Jason Roy, member of Weyburn Paramedics with Heart. “ 

Recently, the group held a Halloween Carnival, complete with bouncy houses, games, and treats. Roy gave us the details of how the event went over. 

“We held a carnival to kick off a new beginning for our group, we got some help from the Weyburn Red Wings and Gold Wings to volunteer and help. An estimated 140 kids came out to the carnival so just over 100 families, we couldn’t have done it without the support of our volunteers,” said Roy. “The Weyburn Red Wings and Gold Wings brought their teams and donned their jerseys, so they were recognizable, and I think the kids really enjoyed it.” 

In addition to fundraising for medical equipment, Weyburn Paramedics with Heart also work to educate the public with a special focus on reaching local youth.