The Weyburn Humane Society is dealing with the aftermath of a flood over the weekend.  

As a result of the flood, fans are now in place to dry everything out.  

Empty cages at the Humane Society The Humane Society is looking empty after the flood (Photo by Trillian Reynoldson)

The Humane Society was planning to reopen on Thursday, but Shelter Manager, Colleen Morrice says it could take longer.  

“I'm not positive on Thursday anymore. I'm probably pushing it back to next week. We won't be operating out of the front of the shelter at all, it would be all through the back door, so hopefully next week, but I'll keep everybody updated.” 

The shelter is accepting monetary donations and gift cards. 

“We could use a lot of donations. We lost all of our food and all of our litter, so the best thing right now is not to purchase those, but to give a monetary donation so we can purchase them as we need them.” 

When the flood was first discovered by workers on Saturday morning, they asked for help over social media. Within 30 minutes we had 20 people showed up to help out. 

“Thank you to everybody that came out, it was so great to have so much of the community come out and foster cats. A lot of them I haven't seen before or heard their names, so it's very grateful that they stepped up to come into the shelter.” 

While the shelter is closed there will be some limited opportunities for the adoption of dogs. Staff will be able to meet with those looking to adopt a dog outside. There won’t be any adoptions available for cats until after the facility re-opens.