While housing prices have been moving up in many parts of the country, the climb isn’t as fast in the Weyburn area as in many other parts of Canada.  

The most recent numbers, available from the Canadian Real Estate Association, show that in November, the average price of a home in Canada was $720,854. The average price in Saskatchewan in November was $284,700. 

When looking at the average price of a home in Weyburn, compiled from listings currently available, it comes in more than $40,000 below what the provincial average is - $241,000. 

The market in Weyburn does have 105 homes currently listed through realtors, with the price tags ranging from $29,000 for a two-bedroom home all the way to $915,000 for a four-bedroom home.  

The Canadian Real Estate Association is expecting housing prices to continue to increase across the country in part due to strong demand. Higher interest rates are also expected to increase as well. Housing policy at the federal level is also expected to play a factor in housing markets this year.