With the daytime high today of 32 degrees feeling like 38 with humidity, it's going to be a hot couple of days heading into the weekend. This is why it is important to stay safe on these extreme days, and the best way to do that is to stay as cool as possible.

In fact, If the overnight lows were a few degrees higher than the predicted 14 degrees, we would have the criteria for a heat warning.

"We're not seeing super extreme temperatures right now," said Terri Lang, a meteorologist for Environment and Climate Change Canada. "Highs closer to the low 30s and overnight lows are such that we're not hitting the heat criteria for warnings."

However, she said this is typically the time of year when we do get big ridges of high pressure over all of western Canada. The high-pressure ridges pull up the hot dry air from down south in the United States, where the monsoon season has ended, resulting in less moisture in the air.

This dry air helps to ready crops, as they begin to ripen, and also leaves the southwestern parts of Saskatchewan fairly dry.

However, studies have shown that it's a cumulative effect when the heat is around for a couple of days and the warm overnight low as the body can't really recover all that well, especially if you don't have air conditioning. 

Lang said if anyone sees anyone suffering from heat exhaustion, be sure to bring them inside, give them water, and monitor them for signs of heat stroke or heat exhaustion.

Preventing heat stroke or heat exhaustion can be as simple as staying hydrated, getting in front of a fan, or even having a wet cloth or towel handy to keep your skin cool.

Read more about prevention HERE.

This weekend is a good opportunity to take advantage of the Weyburn Leisure Centre's outdoor pool, the Don Mitchell Tot Lot's paddling pool and spray park, and the spray park at River Park. If you're willing to drive 10 minutes south on Highway 39, you can visit the beach at Nickle Lake Regional Park, and take a dip in the water.


Later on this week, there may be a brief reprieve from the heat, dipping into lower summer temperatures. That will be brief, as temperatures are expected to soar into the 30s as the month continues.

Find the full forecast HERE.