United Farmers of Alberta Co-operative (UFA) is expanding its petroleum business into key markets in Saskatchewan.  

It was announced on Thursday that UFA is building new cardlock locations in Weyburn and Yorkton. UFA is also in the process of developing several additional locations as part of a multi-year strategy to expand throughout the province.  

“Last fall they came to us wanting to move forward with this,” said RM of Weyburn Reeve Norm McFadden. “We actually got it through council pretty quickly on our end and they got everything they needed to get done on their end and I think they're surprised at how quickly things have moved along for them.” 

McFadden said it’s always exciting for new businesses, or the expansion of a business to come to the RM of Weyburn.  

“That's new jobs, that's new opportunities for people in the short term, it means some work for our local contractors, which is a great windfall for them as well, coming off the way things have slowed down up until the last little while.” 

He added expansions like this in western Canada show oil and gas aren’t going anywhere.  

“The demand for it has been increasing for the last number of years. This is a win-win, it shows oil and gas are here to stay. It's always going to be here, and we're always going to need it.” 

Mayor Marcel Roy said this expansion is positive for not only the RM of Weyburn, but the City of Weyburn as well. 

“We're going to get so many more truckers coming through and so much more traffic,” said Roy. “Weyburn is going to be noticed, and it’s just going to be that much more positive for Weyburn.” 

Roy is thankful to UFA for choosing Weyburn.  

“It just shows the confidence of outside agencies looking into Saskatchewan and having the confidence and saying yes, we're going to sink millions of dollars into this because we know that things are going to boom and rock here in southern Saskatchewan.” 

The Weyburn site, which is expected to be completed by November, will be located on Highway 39 northwest and Cossette lane, past Main Track Cafe and the Co-op Gas Bar.