The NDP Leadership Campaigns have made their way to Weyburn.

Before the debate at the Tommy Douglas Centre on Wednesday, Trent Wotherspoon, one of the two NDP Candidates, spoke to Discover Weyburn about his policies.

"Locking down and protecting our crowns is critical. I have committed to locking them down with the highest level of protection possible by amending the Saskatchewan Act," said Wotherspoon.

Wotherspoon wants any government wanting to sell off crown corporations to be required to have a referendum.

"My goal would be to lock down our crowns and expand them to serve the Saskatchewan people."

Wotherspoon talked about this views education.

"Education for me is the foundation of our future."

Wotherspoon believes Education is 'being attacked' and cut by the Saskatchewan party who made budget cuts to education earlier this year as part of a three-year plan to balance the budget by 2020.

"A key policy is to invest in Education and empower our locally elected school boards  our teachers and education workers to meet the needs of students today and to build the most enriching and engaging classrooms possible."

Health care is also on the mind of Wotherspoon, who has was the interim NDP leader after Cam Broten lost his seat in the last election.

"I'm really passionate about extending universal mental health and addiction services to all Saskatchewan people. Right now far too many people are suffering in silence."

Wotherspoon adds that there are too many delays in services which are needed.

"It's in all of our interests to extend mental health services and addiction services."

Wotherspoon also talked about his vision for a universal Child Care system that's affordable and high quality as one in four children in Saskatchewan live in poverty.

Dr Ryan Meili is the only other candidate for NDP Leadership.

The NDP Leadership Vote which will be an online and mail-in ballot will be finalized March 3rd, 2018.