The Town of Yellow Grass Recreation Board will be getting some upgrades for Allen Park thanks to a $10,000 Community Fund Grant, presented last from the Weyburn Credit Union.

The first stage of upgrades to the park will be a new play structure.

"Jenna Metherall and Curtis Robertson from our board were there to accept the big debit card," shared Town Administrator Wendy Carver. "We would like to thank the Credit Union for their generous donation and to everyone else that has donated to this project." 

While Allen Park features beautiful landscaping and plenty of smaller play structures, as well as picnic tables and more, the plan is to purchase a larger play structure to accommodate more children. 

Yellow Grass has just under 500 residents, but the younger residents account for more than 100 children attending the Yellow Grass School. 

"We're just shopping around. And there's so many different ones to find that, you know, one that will fit and where the spot we want to put it," she explained. "We haven't picked out an exact one yet, but we are expecting the cost to be around $80,000 by the time it's all installed and everything." she explained. 

Fundraising efforts for the first stage are underway, including holding a Summer Solstice event last month, with all proceeds going towards this project.

"We've been getting quite a few donations from local people and so that helps, too." 

Carver added they do have other ideas for future projects down the line.

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