The Weyburn Agricultural Society is holding the Fair Days on July 4th, 5th, and 6th at the exhibition grounds.

Volunteer Recruitment Organizer Brittany Stepp said there are several events they host throughout Fair Days, none of which could happen without their numerous volunteers.

"We couldn't have the success of our event if we didn't have any volunteers from our community," she noted.

She said organizations can get involved in various featured events.

"One thing that draws a lot of people is knocker balls, so I'm sure everybody has seen the knocker balls. Usually, as soon as we start the air pumps and fill those balls, the crowd usually comes, so that's usually a volunteer area that we like to see organizations come with."

Stepp said those who help out could be sports organizations, and in the past they have also had help from the 4H Club or the Riding Club, which helps them out while also creating more awareness for the organizations.

Another event they are still seeking volunteers for, which was a first last year, is Tractorland.


"Volunteers for this position can be a youth as long as they're responsible. If they want to come with parents or friends, that's more than welcome. So the Tractorland is a lot of fun. We have sponsored panel tractors and kids can go through a maze. We have a really fun committee that puts up a lot of agricultural-based events in the Sports Arena and that's where Tractorland will be. So we'll call for volunteers in that area as well."

She said they also always have volunteers help out with the beer gardens, which is quite popular during the rodeo, and this year there will also be ball games taking place, ensuring the beer gardens are busy. 

"Our entry gate is another area that we usually look for volunteers," Stepp noted. "The best part about our volunteer shift is they're usually quick and short. And then if you want, you can go enjoy the rest of your day at the Weyburn Fair, so usually if you come and you volunteer for us for a few hours, then we say, hey, go enjoy the rest of your day, go see what else we have to bring."

In addition to the mainstays each year, such as the Kids Rodeo, this year there will also be some live entertainment, as well as a mini horse event.

"So there's lots of committees and some committees actually have a well-established volunteer base, so I'm not sure how many volunteers exactly we would have, but I don't think our event could be as successful as it has been without at least a couple hundred volunteers helping. Not only do they help during the fair, but before, there's set up and there's cleanup, and then after the fare, there's takedown and there's cleanup. We have lots of volunteers that come in for that. We have lots of volunteers that come in during the event, including our clean-up crew, our clean-up crew comes from the Weyburn Humane Society."

She said their entire board is all volunteer-based as well. "So there's many volunteers that make this a success."

Anyone who wants to help out this year can contact Stepp at 306-861-4179. Let her know where you'd like to help and she can give more information or put you in touch with the appropriate committee member.

"If anyone is following our Facebook page, there's also a sign-up database that we are starting this year and that way if there's anything that the Weyburn Agricultural Society hosts throughout the year and not just the Weyburn Fair, there's a chance that you can volunteer for other events as well, including Flavours of Fall, Ag Safety Days, we host 4-H events throughout the year as well, so there are many other things that the Weyburn Agricultural Society does. It's not just Weyburn Fair."

Stepp added that those who want to help but are going to be out of town during the weekend of the fair, there's still plenty of work to be done at those times as well.