The gates on this year's annual Weyburn Agricultural Society Fair Days have officially opened up but the thunder in the area leaves one big question on everyone's mind; Is the Midway going to be open?

"They (Canuck Amusements) have this down to a science", said Ag Society Member Brandi Fisher. "They look for the lightning, the thunder, how far away it is, how windy it is, and how safe it is."

The Midway is expected to open at 4:00 this afternoon.

For Weyburn residents nervous because of the thunder in the area, Fisher has some encouraging words.

"So far, everything is a go," she said. 

Midway wristbands are available for $35 today and $40 for the remaining days. Entry into the Fair is $5 for ages 6-17, $10 for Adults, and free for kids 5 and under. 

Although things are a go for now, Fisher noted that things could change quickly. 

"Watch our Facebook page for more info."