Schools across the province will be receiving a visit from a farmer.

Agriculture Literacy Month is here, which means schools around Weyburn will be getting visit from a local farmer, or someone who works in the agricultural business.

The talks will have fun activities and will answer any questions the children might have about the industry.

"It's getting to be a time now that not all students have a connection to agriculture anymore, it used to be that everyone's grandpa, or uncle, or even they themselves live on a farm, and we just don't see that anymore," said Krystal Aulie, provincial agriculture awareness specialist.

"It's important to give students connection to where their food comes from so they can understand the process, but also so they can understand the opportunities that agriculture provides, whether it be in career opportunities, or just in access to healthy, affordable food for the rest of their lives."

The month is a celebration of agriculture across the country and is a chance for agriculture to thrive in the classroom.