Farmers around Weyburn and throughout southeast Saskatchewan have struggled with wet conditions this seeding season.  

Edgar Hammermeister, Professional Agrologist with Western Ag Professional Agronomy said the crop conditions are like a gradient from west to east. 

“The closer you get to the Manitoba border, the more of a struggle it was,” said Hammermeister. “There are a few missing acres, but not a lot, but just a big struggle to try and avoid the low spots and minimize the amount of mudding in the crop over there.”   

Weyburn experienced around 95 millimetres of rain between Monday evening and Tuesday morning this week.  

“There are gradients, and there are pockets that have been missing some of the rains. However, the pockets that have been missing rains are not suffering yet, so that's fine,” explained Hammermeister. “There are other pockets that have had some pretty significant rain events, most recently the Weyburn and Frances areas had some incredible amounts, and there's going to be a lot of crop damage happening there, unfortunately.”   

Hammermeister said the impact on yield potential will depend on the type of crops.