The Conservative Party of Canada has a new leader, as Carleton MP, Pierre Poilievre was voted in on Saturday. 

Souris-Moose Mountain MP, Dr. Robert Kitchen said this is fantastic news. 

“That's who I wanted to see as the leader, and I'm happy to see he's there and he won quite remarkably,” Kitchen said. “You know, it's 68 percent of the vote and did it quite handily on the first ballot, which is also a good sign because it's right across the country that he had that support.”   

Poilievre won 330 of 338 ridings, and was popular among voters in our riding. 

“In Souris-Moose Mountain he basically won with 87 percent of the vote and so that's quite amazing,” Kitchen said. 

Kitchen talked about his hopes for the Conservative Party under Poilievre’s leadership.  

“We've been sitting and talking and I mean you can see that leadership style that he has which is very upfront, and that part creates excitement and great anticipation,” he said. “We want to focus on things such as the huge inflationary costs that the Trudeau government is putting on Canadians, and looking at the cost of everything going up, and what can we do to improve the economy such that we can put money back in the pockets of Canadians, that's what needs to happen.”   

He added that he is thankful to the constituents of Souris-Moose Mountain, especially the 2,000-plus members who voted.