Before the significant rainfall in Weyburn this week, growing conditions throughout southeast Saskatchewan were considered very good, according to the crop report from the provincial government.  

The report is made of data from June 14 to June 20, 2022. 

Due to a delay in seeding, some crops are now just emerging.  

There was general rain across the region last week, with Weyburn and Stoughton receiving 84 millimetres.  

According to the report, cropland topsoil moisture is rated as 13 percent surplus, 76 percent adequate and eleven percent short. Hay and pasture land topsoil moisture is rated as eight percent surplus, 77 percent adequate and 15 percent short.   

Regionally, 61 percent of the fall cereals, 39 percent of the spring cereals, 36 percent of the oilseed crops and 51 percent of the pulse crops are at their normal stages of development for this time of year. 

The wind prevented producers from making progress spraying for weeds and pests. Gophers have become an issue across the region.