Throughout the month of May, Great Plains Ford and Golden West teamed up to bring fresh meals from Boston Pizza directly to farmers working hard to plant this year's crops. Seed 'n Feed was an initiative started to recognize the hard work and sacrifice of our local farmers while bringing them a bit of cheer and the comfort of a hot lunch during their busiest and sometimes most stressful part of the year.

Locals were able to nominate farmers on the event page of Discover Weyburn for the chance to win in a daily draw. Twelve lucky winners from the surrounding Weyburn area were randomly selected over the course of this year's event. 

The final lucky winners for Seed 'n Feed 2023 were Bob and Lindsey Quigley, who farm just outside of Yellow Grass. The Quigley's shared that they are not quite finished with seeding due to setbacks related to moisture, but are ready to get back to work the moment fields dry out enough for their equipment. 

Seed 'n Feed deliveries were sponsored by eleven local businesses in addition to our partnership with Great Plains Ford. These businesses showed their gratitude and admiration of our local farmers by joining forces to make this event possible:

  • Great Plains Ford
  • Westrum Lumber
  • UFA
  • Fountain Tire
  • Weyburn Livestock Exchange
  • E Bourassa and Sons
  • Loewen Agencies
  • Grain Belt Transport
  • Cowtown
  • South Country Equipment
  • Agriterra
  • Red Coat Ag.

 Golden West and company will return with more field-lunches delivered to farmers during harvest, with Grain Rush 2023. You can view previous winners of Seed 'n Feed 2023 in the article links below.