Big changes are underway for South East Cornerstone South Public School Division, as Director of Education Lynn Little recently announced that she is retiring. 

Little had been working for 37 years, most of which were with SECPSD, and had been Director of Education for the past nine years.  

“I did begin my career and spent the first six years of my teaching career up in the Davidson School Division teaching in Craik and Hawarden, and then moved down here with my husband.” 

Retirement is something that Little has been considering for the past few years. 

“I've been contemplating retirement for a few years now, and it just never felt like the right time until now.” 

Working with children is the highlight of Little’s career, even though she did not get to do so as much as Director of Education. 

“I think when we begin this career path as teachers and we enter into the profession, it's because we love to work with children. Many of us when if you look at as we grew up, we were often without the kids that were also working with children even as youngsters," Little said. “As we move through leadership we get further and further removed from working directly with the students, that's the tough part.” 

Retiring is a bit scary and unsettling for Little, as it is such a huge change after all of these years.  

“It almost feels a little bit like the grieving process, you know I've been immersed in education for a long while, and it's difficult to imagine what will fill that void. I've been advised over the years that I should be looking at hobbies to help with the transition later on, and I didn't really take advice, maybe I should have.” 

Despite it being a difficult transition, Little has things that she is looking forward to.  

“we've been kind of really have the travel itch for a long time, so we're really looking forward to spending some time with our family. We have a cabin that is located amongst our extended family, so spending time there and doing some travelling for sure. I really look forward to just sitting down and reading a fiction book for enjoyment and recreation and having the time.” 

She is confident that the SECPSD will continue to be a great place for learning after she’s gone. 

"I truly believe Southeast Cornerstone is a special community, lots of great, great things happening in Southeast Cornerstone and I believe they'll continue to happen." 

She'll be in the role until the end of this school year.