You may have noticed that the RM offices of Weyburn and Brokenshell are closed November 21st, 22nd and 23rd.

That's because they are in the process of moving to a new office location at 1633 First Avenue NE near Weyburn Dodge. The new office is expected to open on Thursday.

Renovations started on the new office in April of this year, as Reeve for the RM of Weyburn, Norm McFadden, explained in a previous interview in May.

"The current office we're in was built basically for one person to work in, and now we're at three, and storage is becoming an issue," he explained. "And one of the offices currently in there used to be the storage room. So it kind of looks a little bit like a storage room."

Norm McFadden recently provided some more information on the Weyburn RM office move.

"A little bit of history on our old office. We came across some documents here yesterday. The old office opened up to the public 42 years ago on November 24th, and ironically, our new office is opening up to the public on November 24th. We had no idea of those dates. That's pretty neat."

He also elaborated further on some of the highlights of the new building.

"We do have a small meeting room that is available for non-profits to use free of charge - it has it's own access from the outside. Quite happy about that too."

Check out the RM of Weyburn Facebook page Here and the RM of Brokenshell page Here for further details.