A RID (Report Impaired Drivers) coming into the Weyburn Police Service last Wednesday evening, May 15th, about a vehicle that was swerving all over the road, resulted in impaired charges and one under the Traffic Safety Act.  

"Police research received a RID complaint of a vehicle that was entering Weyburn city limits along Highway 13. Members located the vehicle and conducted traffic stop. There were indicators of impairment and alcohol. A screen device test was conducted which resulted in a fail. The driver was subsequently arrested and charged with impaired operation and impaired operation exceeding 80 milligrams and was also charged for driving without a supervising driver as they were a learner out of Manitoba," said Constable Kalin Weibe.

He explained that their ALPR (automatic license plate reader) is operated by SGI and is specific to Saskatchewan license plates.

"However, there is some cases where out of province license plates are entered into the database and generally that would be in regards to a stolen vehicle or a person that may have an arrest warrant," noted Weibe. "In this case, for learner drivers they  are not put in the ALPR system, so we would generally not discover they were a learner driver until we initiated a traffic stop and reviewed their license."

"Generally in Saskatchewan, if you're charged of an impaired driving offense, you are going to receive the maximum demerit demerit points issued by SGI, and that usually does lead to license suspensions and the mandatory courses before you can actually get your license back," Weibe added. 

The man was released with a court date, and his vehicle was impounded.