Stayin' Alive and Thrive, an addictions awareness event, is coming up this Sunday at Knox Hall, from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. 

The free event is being hosted by the Weyburn Youth Centre, and is geared towards teens and their parents.

"The event is for anyone. We are looking to invite all youth and their parents and family and friends to come on out for a time of remembering," said Board Member Susan Adderley. "We're going to remember those that we've lost. We're going to have a time of education and learning, and then also time of healing and hope at the end."

She said they're going to build a remembrance rainbow arch, to which they'll add all the names of the loved ones that have been lost. 

"At the very end, we are going to raise a colorful parachute that was donated in memory of a local gal by her parents to the Spark Centre," she noted. "It's Chevonne Olson, who passed away last May, so that was part of the reason that we've kind of put this together. So as we read all the names, we are going to raise the parachute in remembrance."

Adderley said the event is to help people to know they're not alone.

"We've been there, and we don't want anyone else to go through this if we can help in any way, and we definitely want to raise some hope and leave people with the feeling of hope. Addiction has touched our lives, our families as well, and I know there are many others. It's an ongoing thing, and I'm just really happy with the support and the outpouring of people willing to come even from outside of Weyburn." 

A number of special speakers and presentations will be made, including by the Weyburn Police Service, Addictions Services, someone from AA, NA and Al-Anon, as well as from Envision Counseling and Support Centre.

"There'll be a meet and greet at the end, but you don't want to miss anything because there's a lot of people coming to share and there's a lot of information," she encouraged.

She said, "Prairie Sky Co-op has generously donated some refreshments for us, and I also need to mention that they are going to be giving a gift card to anyone, that of our speakers that are traveling. Knox Hall has donated the hall, and Weyburn Security has also donated insurance for the event." 

She added they are grateful for all those who come out to speak and share their information and resources.