The Richardson Pioneer Weyburn Wings had their Annual General Meeting at the Ramada Hotel on Tuesday evening.  

Many items were on the agenda such as amendments to bylaws, reports, and nominations of board members. A change to the bylaws to split the Secretary-Treasurer position into two different jobs was accepted. 

The auditor's report, which was presented by MNP, showed they are financially viable, with a profit of around $6,000 last season.  

Head Coach Cody Mades gave the Coaches and General Manager reports. He is looking forward to the upcoming season. 

“We are pretty excited about the guys we brought in,” Mapes said. “We were excited about what we built last year with our young guys, there are a lot of good things even talking about how many local guys we’re going to have when you talk about Weyburn, and Southern Saskatchewan, that's important to us.” 

He added Main Camp begins for the Red Wings this Friday.  

“We've got five teams, the Red and White game is on Sunday night at 6:00 o'clock, so it'll be, it'll be good to see that top 40 group battle for the last few spots. We're going to take 35 guys after that onto the exhibition season.” 

President Jamie Blunden, who is stepping down from his position, delivered the President’s report. He is feeling positive about the upcoming season. 

“We've got a really great coaching staff in place, and I know Cody's done a lot of work on the offseason,” Blunden said. “He's picked up some individuals through some trades and also through some draft picks so talking to him, and knowing we've got a game plan in place for the next two or three years, we’re pretty positive.” 

He added that while last year’s season wasn’t the greatest, they have high expectations for this year with goals to get into the playoffs.  

Anne Phair presented the Treasurer's and Fundraising reports, Nick Nielsen gave the Office report, the Governor’s report was presented by Peter Tatarliov, and Alyssa Hanson gave the Billet Coordinator report. 

Six new board members were selected at the meeting: Anne Phair, Alyssa Hanson, Larry Tribiger, Shawn Stepp, Jean Hobbs, and Lee Moen. There are four members in active status until 2023: Riley Ross, Natascha Jasper, Pete Tatarliov, and Ray Jarvis. 

Preseason starts for the Red Wings on Wednesday, August 31 in Niverville, and their first game is on Friday, September 16 in Melville.