One thing that is for certain about kids, is that they grow, and grow, and grow. So, if you're busy purging your kids' barely used clothing and wondering how to ensure it gets more wear, you can always pop it into the bin behind the Weyburn Salvation Army.

"The bin is typically for clothing only," explained Community Ministries Worker, Shannon Fodchuk. "If it was like household items or something, we ask people to drop them off on Tuesday to Saturday. If they're dropped off on Sunday or Monday, chances are we're not getting it because people do come and take it from the back. So if it's out there, people just come and grab it." 

She said they, of course, accept clothing for people of all ages, but it should not be damaged or soiled.

"We try to put everything out in the store that can be useful for other people, so rips and stains, we don't typically put out on the floor to sell," she noted. "We do rag bags, too, and rag boxes, so that stuff does get put into a box and people buy them for rags."

Fodchuk said they try to make the items affordable for everybody, with children's clothing items often going for just $1 per item.

"We've also been helping a lot of Ukrainian families, too," she added. "So they come in and get to shop and pick out things they need. So the stuff that's donated, we also give back to people that need it."

The clothing drop bin is located next to the Family Services entrance of the Weyburn Salvation Army building, on the north side.

Other clothing donation bins for other charitable organizations can also be found all over Weyburn, including at the grocery store parking lots.