Yard cleanup season is upon us, and Weyburn residents can drop off compostable materials for free at the Weyburn landfill.   

Residents have various options for disposing of yard waste, but the only way to properly do this is to bag it up. 

"We have a couple of options here where you can either put it in your curbside bin, that's your leaves, your grass clippings, your garden waste – those need to be bagged,” Communications Coordinator with the City of Weyburn, Paige Tenbult said. “Loose materials are prohibited in our refuse bylaws. So, if you do choose to put any of the yard waste in your bin, you must bag it. You also must bag it if you decide to take it to the landfill.” 

Leaves, grass clippings, garden waste, flowerbed waste, and sod must be bagged when transporting to the landfill, and removed from the bags when disposing into the compost pile. No charges apply for this type of yard waste. 

Charges apply at the gate when disposing of clean lumbar, trees (cut into small chunks), stumps, and branches. 

“When you're transferring that to the landfill, make sure you do tarp your debris,” Tenbult said. “That is also in our refuse by law.” 

Tenbult encourages residents to clean up their yards before the winter to help prevent blocking catch basins, and make sure the sewer system is as clean as possible.    

More information can be found HERE