Prairie Sky Coop is holding Fuel Good Day on Tuesday, September 19th.

This means that 10 cents from every litre of fuel they sell at their various gas bar locations in Weyburn, Milestone, Lang, and Beaubier will go toward some worthy local organizations.

This year, they'll be giving back to the Weyburn & District Hospital Foundation, the Lang First Responders, and the Prairie Hill First Responders.

“Try not to fill up this weekend, try to wait until Tuesday, even just by purchasing gas, which is something that you'll already need, in that way, you're just helping all of those groups,” said Member Relations Manager Danielle Knoll. “Lots of people do their stuff on the weekend, like getting filled up, but by reminding them today then they'll hopefully wait until Tuesday.”

Knoll said, with this being the seventh year in a row, and the fundraising portion of the event seems to grow each year, they're hoping to top the $5,000 mark with this one.

Proceeds from the Milestone and Lang locations would go to the Lang First Responders, funds from the Beaubier location would go to the Prairie Hill First Responders, and funds raised in Weyburn would go to the WDHF.

“We're also going to be hosting a lunch special at Suds City,” she added. “I know everybody's busy and they've got lots going on, so all you have to do is come down on your lunch break, fill up your car with gas, and then you can also grab a lunch special with some Suds Chicken they'll have there, and then you'll have lots of time to do all those things you need to do on your lunch break.”

She said they hope to give back the most they can to the community.

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