It is a situation many people within Weyburn have been talking about on social media in recent days: a reduction in hours at the post office in the city. People have noted odd hours of operation, being entirely closed, a loss of access to their post office boxes and more. 

We reached out to Canada Post to find out what the situation was. In an emailed reply, they stated the primary cause for the issues with hours of operation has been a staffing shortage. There has also been a closure for a day due to a positive case of COVID-19 at the facility. 

In the email to our newsroom, it was explained they are in the process of training other employees to be able to serve customers, with a goal to resume regular hours of operation. In terms of parcels and packages that need to be picked up within a timeline before being returned to sender, they have revised the process locally, and customers are being notified before they return the item to the sender. 

The facility was also closed last Friday to allow for sanitizing after a positive case of COVID-19, which resulted in the post office box lobby not being accessible.  

The email thanked the residents of Weyburn for their patience and understanding, adding that customers with questions concerning their mail delivery can contact them online.