Statistics Canada released the latest Consumer Price Index numbers Wednesday. The numbers show the rate of inflation for Saskatchewan was 7 percent in May, slightly below the national rate of inflation of 7.7 percent.  

Some of the numbers that factor into the rate of inflation included the price of shelter, which was up 4.47 percent year over year, the price of food, which was up 7.19 percent and the price of gasoline, which was up 42.53 percent.  

With the rate of inflation up by 7 percent, wages haven’t seen as much of an increase in the same period, with the average weekly earnings for Saskatchewan increasing by just 2.07 percent from March of 2021 to March of 2022, the most recent month those numbers are available. 

We want to know how the rate of inflation, and the rate of wage increases, have been affecting your home. Have you had to change your grocery habits? Have you gotten a second (or third) job to help cover the monthly bills? Are you concerned about prices in the coming weeks? 

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